Who We Are

The Accounting Firm in Adelaide and Sydney which acts as…

Your Mortgage Broker + Accountant + Financial Planner all in one!
EndureGo offers total expertise in a comprehensive range of financial services, including home loan, accounting, tax, wealth creation and insurance. We view ourself as the best accountant and mortgage broker in Sydney and Adelaide to maximise your tax refund and also effectively obtain your home loan and review your home loan on an ongoing basis to ensure it has the lowest interest rate.

Our Vision

  1. To provide trusted advice to help you reach financial freedom using comprehensive expertise in Mortgage Broker + Accountant + Financial Planner .
  2. To secure our position as a premier boutique professional firm on a state and national level.
  3. To celebrate a positive and vibrant working environment attracting the brightest talent in the industry to work with us.

Our History

EndureGo is a group of boutique professional firms established in Adelaide, SA in 2006, at the moment, we have offices in Ashfield Sydney and Adelaide. We strive to provide the highest standards of service, understanding our clients’ needs and working closely with our clients to ensure success.

Our home loan service is provided by EG Home Loan, which is a full member of FBAA, and has accessed to over 30 financial institutions. The motto of EG home loan is Done, Settled with measurable precision.

Our accounting and tax return services are provided by EndureGo Tax, who is a professional CPA firm and registered tax agent.

  • Individual tax returns
  • Business tax return
  • Ongoing accounting and taxation service for business clients
  • In-depth tax analysis to save you in thousand of tax dollars
  • Company and trust set up
  • SMSF audit and administration
  • Assistance with tax audit to minimize the tax penalty

Why choose EndureGo?

When you use separate services:
Your financial planner might not know about your mortgage.
Your mortgage broker has no clue how much tax you pay.
Your accountant,poor guy, has a mess to fix when he discovers how poorly things have been structured!

This won’t happen at EndureGo.

As your Mortgage Broker + Accountant & Tax Agent + Financial Planner, EndureGo provides holistic expertise and insights into aspects of your financial situation that others miss, saving you money and time!

  • Maximize your wealth
    EndureGo helps you to effectively utilize your tax returns, simultaneously analyzing requirements needed to achieve your residential and investment property objectives.
  • Maximise your tax refund
    As one of the best accountant and tax agent in Ashfield and Sydney, we will strive to maximise your tax refund, we even provide a 100% refund guarantee in that after we had done your tax return, if you are able to get more refund from other accountant using the same set of data, we would be willing to refund the fee and on top of it, give you $110 cash back.
  • Risk management in a chaotic world
    Our professional financial planning services protects you from life risks such as sudden death in accidents; permanent disability; critical illness or injuries preventing you from working. We will also help you to claim death insurance, total permanent disability insurance, trauma insurance at the critical time.
  • Effective planning, peace of mind
    Our financial planning services helps you effectively plan for your retirement through management of superannuation, Centrelink benefits, investment, debt and insurance.

Our Values

  1. Enduring value – we adopt industry best practice to grow our firm and maximise our clients’ wealth position through proper structuring of home loans, tax and financial planning.
  2. Excellence – we always strive to be the best
  3. Exceptional – we exceed your expectations
  4. Easy – let us do all the hard work
  5. Earnest – our sincere and honest approach prioritises your needs

Our Promise
As your most trusted accountant and mortgage broker in Ashfield Sydney and Adelaide, we consider ourselves as the best accountant, tax agent and mortgage broker in Ashfield Sydney and Adelaide, our promise is to make sure that we will maximise your tax refund for the current year and we will also help you to unlock your hidden refund in prior years by reviewing your prior tax returns and see that they can be amended. We provide a 100% refund guarantee in that if you are able to get more tax refund from somewhere else using the same dataset, we will refund the fee and give you additional $110 cash back no question asked.

As the most professional and one of the best mortgage broker in Ashfield Sydney and Adelaide we will make sure that you will be able to settle your home loan fast and without hassle, and that we will be able to get the lowest interest rate for your home loan, furthermore, we will review your home loan on an ongoing basis to ensure that your home loan interest rate will stay the lowest in the years to come.  

Start the journey with us to maximise your tax refund and reduce your home loan interest rate. Call us now on Adelaide:08-8123-6788 and Ashfield Sydney 02-8958-1959 or 0403-418-758 to make an appointment.