Maximize GST and Tax Refund for UBER Tax Return

Great news, now there is a way to maximize GST and Tax Refund for your UBER Tax and Business Activity Tax Returns. Are you a UBER driver, and is paying a UBER service fee to the UBER operator. Previously, the UBER service fee which you paid to the UBER does not have the GST, as

Debt Consolidation to reduce your interest expense

It is the time of the year again, Christmas is coming. A lot of people are gearing up for that special moment by swiping their credit card to purchase the many beautiful gifts to be shared between friends and families. In the 2017 Federal Budget, treasurer Scott Morrison mentioned that good debt involves borrowing money

Amazing story of a UBER driver

I had been discussing UBER tax return and ways to maximise the GST refund and ways to minimise the tax payable in our blogs and Facebook on numerous occasions. Today I will share with you my recent personal experience with a UBER driver this week. On Wednesday, as usual, I finished my work quite late,