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how to pay less tax and claim more deduction

If you are a small business, then you will be eligible for the $30,000 immediate asset write off for depreciate asset from 2 April 2019 to 30 June 2020. The conditions to meet is that you are a small business, the income must be below 10million, and the depreciate asset must be ready to install

We celebrate the done and settled boy’s birthday EndureGo Style

@ EndureGo, we believe if our team is happy, our customers will be happy. We celebrate the Done and Settled Boy’s Birthday EndureGo Style, a lot of foods, a lot of laughters and one yummy birthday cake. We want more mortgage broker to join our team, hence we can celebrate your birthday EndureGo style. If

Maximize Tax Refund For Foreigner Capital Gain Withholding Tax

We would like to share a great news with our wider community in which we had helped one of our client to get a very large refund of over $125,000. The client had sold a property, incurred capital gains tax, and got withheld of foreigner capital gain withholding tax of over $130,000, and she was

Maximize your investment property tax return and stay safe

Do you own a rental property, and always want to maximize the tax refund using the rental properties, chances are you had been doing that for the many years you had owned the rental property, however, this year, ATO will focus its audit attention on the rental property tax return. In the financial year 2018,