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Let us help you to fix the tax audit

A tax audit can be very stressful at the time when the Australian Taxation Office is alleging you have under-declared income or over-claimed deductions, or areas where the tax laws had applied in mistake. When faced with a tax audit, It is not only the taxpayers who might feel the stress with the tax audit

How to protect yourself from tax audit and tax scam

Recently, there are a spam of fraudulent phone calls from tax scammers claiming to be Australian Taxation Office, and threatening you with tax audit, litigation and asking you to pay thousand of dollars to settle the tax audit, tax review cases with them. One of my client spoke to me and he himself had been

Tax return tips and consequence of tax audit risks

Have you done your tax return for FY2018, if you have not done it, do you know that the due date to do the tax return by yourself falls on 31 October, and if you would like to save tax, see ways to maximize your tax position, or tax refund, you should give us a