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Why is OPAL Tower so difficult to be repaired

The Opal Tower Saga started around Christmas Eve. Many Residents heard the big cracking sound before being informed that the building might not be safe. Very soon, residents in the building were evacuated and spent the Christmas eve, the Boxing Day and the New Year, and also until now in a place which they would

Maximize GST and Tax Refund for UBER Tax Return

Great news, now there is a way to maximize GST and Tax Refund for your UBER Tax and Business Activity Tax Returns. Are you a UBER driver, and is paying a UBER service fee to the UBER operator. Previously, the UBER service fee which you paid to the UBER does not have the GST, as

Backpacker tax return specialist

The backpacker tax return for the financial year 2016/17 is complicated in a sense that there are two tax brackets which will be applied for two set of periods during the financial year. If you are holding a visa class 417 (Working Holiday) or 462 (Work and Holiday), please read on, as the way your

Do Not Make Mistakes on Negative Gearing: Learn the Secrets

Negative gearing was introduced by the Australian government with the original purpose of boosting the housing supply by encouraging greater investment into the new housing sector. However, since its inception, it has been an unmitigated disaster in which the measure is used extensively by smart and capable tax professionals to minimize their client’s tax positions,