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how to pay less tax and claim more deduction

If you are a small business, then you will be eligible for the $30,000 immediate asset write off for depreciate asset from 2 April 2019 to 30 June 2020. The conditions to meet is that you are a small business, the income must be below 10million, and the depreciate asset must be ready to install

Getting more tax refund for Backpacker Tax Return

Recently Australian Taxation Office had lost another major case on the tax resident, this follows from Glenn Harding Case in last month. The outcome of the case would mean that Backpacker would be able to amend their prior years tax return and see whether they can get more tax refund back, as ATO might made

Hottest Property and Tax Seminar @Fitzroy Center Burwood

Come to the HOTTEST Property and Tax Seminar on 17 Oct 2019 630pm to 8pm Fitzroy Centre at Woodstock. Plenty of foods, drinks, and even a spectacular exotic Brazilian Dance to be enjoyed while you learn the secrets to unlock your wealth potential. In this hottest seminar, you will learn how to increase that rental