Can FACE MASK be a deductible expense for work related expense

Due to the bad #Bushfire in NSW, the whole Sydney is clogged with polluted air, which makes people hard to breath. At the moment, many people are forced to wear a Face Mask during working time to protected them from the harmfull effect of the polluted AIR. Is it possible to claim the face mask

Tax affair if you had been affected by BUSH FIRES

The #Bush Fire in New South Wales and other States is burning uncontrollably, and the air quality in Sydney deteriorate to a degree where people need to wear a mask when going out. The government had announced that unless necessary, people with asthma, heart and lung issues should stay at home and close the windows. 

Getting more tax refund for Backpacker Tax Return

Recently Australian Taxation Office had lost another major case on the tax resident, this follows from Glenn Harding Case in last month. The outcome of the case would mean that Backpacker would be able to amend their prior years tax return and see whether they can get more tax refund back, as ATO might made