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Case study on successful in dealing with the jobkeeper audit from ATO

The Australian Taxation Office scaled up its attention on an audit from the start of the year, along with the debt collection. The initial focus is on the job keeper audit. During the job keeper audit, the Australian Taxation Office will ask the taxpayer to provide evidence to prove that they are eligible for the

The small fee and charges rebate of up to 1500 from NSW Government

After the job keeper has finished, the NSW government had recently introduced many measures to stimulate the State economy. Part of it includes the $25 dinner voucher and $25 entertainment voucher.  TODAY, the NSW government introduced the $1500 grant; it is called the Small Fee and Charges Rebate. Another way to think about it is,

New Findings which might make ineligible job keeper to get job keeper payments.

Australian Taxation Office is the government entity to administer the Jobkeeper and Cash Flow Booster payment. The job keeper and cash flow boost are the Australian federal government’s economic stimuli to the needed Australian business to help them survive during this global pandemic of COVID19.  To administer the system effectively, the Australian Taxation Office had

How to overcome the large scale job keeper tax audit initiated by ATO

2020 is a challenging and unforgettable year. It is the year where one would remember for the rest of their life either with the good or bad memories, the year of COVID19. During the year, the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Government had tried their best to keep the small and medium-sized business in