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What is the safest way to resign as a director to the company

The Australian Government recently has changed a significant aspect of the corporation act, in which they will disallow the backdate of the director resignation. Hence, from 18 February 2021, if you want to resign from the company’s directorship, you need to notify ASIC within 28 days via written notice; if you or your company do

Working from home office expense to be extended to June 2022

The Australian Taxation Office has extended the shortcut method of 80 cents per hour of working from home office expense till 30 June 2022. The measure is in response to the uncertainty of COVID19 and the trend we observed during the COVID19 pandemic that people prefer to work from home, and it does not lower

How to keep and reconfirm your jobsaver eligibility

Covid19 #lockdownfinish #firstdaynsw today is the first day of NSW freedom day; many small and medium businesses had endured the most prolonged lockdown period in NSW and have come out more vital and more vibrant than before. We want to extend our best wishes to all the businesses in NSW to stay strong, healthy, and

We can help you with the ATO lifestyle expense tax audit, and

The COVID19 situation in New South Wales had reached another darkest period, with a record of 319 cases today. However, the Australian Federal Government and New South Wales Governments are actively trying to help the small and medium businesses to recover by providing them with the COVID19 support grant of up to $15,000 and the