Can FACE MASK be a deductible expense for work related expense

Due to the bad #Bushfire in NSW, the whole Sydney is clogged with polluted air, which makes people hard to breath. At the moment, many people are forced to wear a Face Mask during working time to protected them from the harmfull effect of the polluted AIR. Is it possible to claim the face mask as a work related deductible expense.

Well, in accordance to the ATO , in order to be recognised as a deducitble work related expense, it must be shown to be work related and you did not get remibursed from the employer for that expense. You can see an example of work related expense from the ATO Website in here –

However, sometime, there might be an ambigious position in relation to the work related expense, and as such, it might be important to do an early engagement to to the ATO to ascertain your position as to the deductibility of the expense.

If you need to find out more about the deductibiliy of the FACE MASK to deal with the poor air quality in Sydney, please give us a call on 0410-829-900.

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