Maximize GST and Tax Refund for UBER Tax Return

Great news, now there is a way to maximize GST and Tax Refund for your UBER Tax and Business Activity Tax Returns.

Are you a UBER driver, and is paying a UBER service fee to the UBER operator.

max gst refund

maximize gst refund and uber tax return

Previously, the UBER service fee which you paid to the UBER does not have the GST, as the UBER operates its business from a foreign company and is not subject to the GST act in Australia. This means that previously you would not be able to claim the 10% of the 25% of the UBER service fee you paid to UBER.

If your UBER sale is $20,000 per month net of GST, that would equate to $22,000 including GST, and the 25% UBER service fee of that would equate to $5,500, previously you can not claim the 10% of the UBER service fee, but from 1 December 2017, you might be able to, that would equate to a gain of $550 per month.

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