Repay Your Home Loan Faster with Lower Interest Rate

How long have you been neglecting your home loan after the settlement? Do you have the habit of putting the home loan statements into a drawer, and let it collect dust?

How many of you never looked at your monthly loan repayment on the loan statement, but just diligently pay to the Bank? How many of you find it too hard to compare your existing home loan with the ones on the market, to see whether you one is still fit and has the lower interest rate?

How many of you always ask the question, “Is there a way to repay this home loan earlier?”, but you always felt that you don’t have the time to really dig into it?

Now, let us reveal the secret to repay your home loan earlier than the usual.

Easy Home Loan Repayment

Firstly, you need to dig up the loan statement secretly hidden in the drawer, and ring us on 0403-418-758, or email us for an appointment on Our professional home loan manager, Cindy, will help you review your home loan and compare it to the market. She will work with you to find out your expected goal in the duration you need to pay off the home loan.

Once we understand your expectation, we will work with you to fine tune your home loan by looking at the market and finding a better home loan product with a lower interest rate. This will help lower your monthly loan repayment, and enhance the time you need to pay off the home loan.

We will then work with you to see whether you can make extra repayment, or put extra money into an offset account. Once we had reviewed your home loan and helped you to fine tune it, we will ask you to come in on a yearly basis, to make sure that the home loan product we had chosen for you still works.

If you want to have certainty in knowing their ongoing future home loan monthly repayment, we will source a low fix rate for you. At the moment, the lowest fix rate is 3.99% for 3 years; comparison rate is 4.10%. The fix rate is a great tool to help you minimize the downside risk, particularly if the interest rate does increase. By fixing your home loan rate, you will know the future ongoing home loan repayment. We will also work with you to furnish the optimal structure between fix and variable rate.

What are you waiting for? Come and talk to us at 0403-418-758, and ask for Cindy. We have offices in Sydney and Adelaide. Our Sydney Office is at Suite 18, Level 2, 6 Holden Street Ashfield (a 5 minute walk from the Ashfield Railway Station). Our Adelaide Office is Level 5, 55 Gawler Place, Adelaide (in the middle of Rundle Mall).


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