Sydney property price has skyrocketed to be the 3rd most expensive in the world

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistic report which was published in January 2017, the quarter ending December 2016, the Sydney property price increased in general by 5.2%.

If we compare it against the quarter ending December 2015, the quarterly growth between the two periods is 10.3%. That would translate to around 40% increase in a year.

If one is to remember in 2003, the median house price in Sydney is only around $454,250.

I remember back then when I was thinking to purchase a house in my early youth day, I thought that was a bit too much, however, now the median home price in NSW is around $864,900, and in Sydney along, the median house price in Sydney is $1,077,000.00.

Simple tips on home loan

Simple tips on home loan

The recent article in Sydney Morning Herald shows that five years ago, only around 6 suburbs in Sydney are above 2million dollars, but nowadays, around 78 suburbs are above two million dollars, a scary thought indeed.

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