The Sydney Property Price had increased great news for first home buyer

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Recently the Corelogic had released a new, in the last 3 months, the Sydney Property Price had increased on average by 4.8%, the median house price is 1.04million, and on average, each house increased by $50,000.00. However, it is still 6.8% lower than the peak season in October 2017. Industry exports contribute this to the more relaxing of the lending policies from various banks, the lowering of the interest rate by Reserve Bank, and the consisten lower price of the house property price.

In the past two years, we had seen a big market correction to the property price. If you are a first home buyer, or is thinking to buy an investment property, why not come and talk to one of our professional licensed mortgage broker, and we will show you how to orangise your home loan package hence you can enjoy a lower interest rate. Come and talk to us on 0410-829-900.

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