we will look after your business tax affair for free until the Lockdown is over

#COVID19supportgrant #COVID19

There will a light at the end of Tunnel.

Stay #strong, stay #focused.

@EndureGo Tax, we would like to help as many business as possible, hence we realize the difficulties business are facing during the lockdown, and we will help those business to apply for the New South Wales COVID business grants, Cash Flow Boost, and ONLY collect the payment from the business after the #NSW lockdown is over.

We can also help the small business people to take over their accounting and tax affairs, and do the quarterly BAS for April to June and future tax obligations, and only collect payments after the #NSW lockdown is over. If you are in #gym #fitness #restaurant #foodretail, #tradie, please come and talk to us, and we will help you out. Please send us a message via the link below


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